YOU MIGHT THINK IT'S ODD that I look forward to receiving little bottles of yellow dish soap every Christmas. It’s not just any dish soap, of course. It’s Nattura, and that distinct scent reminds me of winter 2010 in Vancouver, BC. My husband and I cooked at “home” in our timeshare during our honeymoon. The smell of that dish soap reminds me of how fun it was to see the city—and travel by ourselves for the first time, hooray!—and the newness of our marriage, the hope, the anticipation, the adventure...and the excitement of the upcoming Winter Olympics. Just the two of us. We didn’t have to part and go to our separate homes at the end of the day anymore. Nowhere we had to be, nothing on our to-do list. Some days we just stayed in and watched curling, drank Coke from Olympic athlete silhouette cans, prepared pathetically simple meals, and washed the dishes afterward together. Together: that’s what that dish soap means to me. 

Why am I telling you about dish soap? It’s why I do photography: to savor memories. It’s also why I buy souvenirs and collect foreign coins, save notes and letters, and keep multiple journals. They’re little pieces of a story—that place I visited, that experience, or that relationship. In fact, it was a desire to remember more things from an overseas trip that first nudged me toward photography. After returning home, I began taking pictures of nearly everything. Eventually, I got better at it, and I learned that I love photographing weddings most of all! 

I photographed my first wedding in 2008. Robin Wheeler Photography was officially established on April 3, 2015. 

When I’m not shooting and editing, I’m probably wearing red, spending time with my husband and two daughters, watching sports, counting down to the next Olympics, studying Korean for whenever we return, attempting to grow plants, and/or curled up like a cat (with or without a book) in a patch of sunshine.

Hey there, I'm Robin!


I'm based in the Boise, Idaho area but I travel all over the Treasure Valley and beyond! Click to see the map larger.