When I got into photography, it wasn't about art–although I was always a creative at heart.

It wasn't about a hobby or a passion–although it became much more than that.

It wasn't about a career or staying home with my children–at least not at first.

For me, photography was always about savoring the moment. It didn't begin with a camera–it began with the first Kansas City Royals ticket stub I saved. Then it was my very first diary. Soon it was postcards and souvenirs, more ticket stubs, more diaries, and bits and pieces of life I picked up along the way...and yes, eventually a camera.

My husband Eddie and I met at Northwest Nazarene University. He's pretty cool. He likes my favorite sports teams because he loves me! We recently added to our family: we now have TWO beautiful little girls! Our cat, Mika, is the sweetest, gentlest cat you've ever met (I say that because I'm her favorite).


I'm based in Ontario, Oregon but I travel all over the Treasure Valley and beyond!