When I got into photography, it wasn't about art–although I was always a creative at heart.

It wasn't about a hobby or a passion–although it became much more than that.

It wasn't about a career or staying home with my children–at least not at first.

For me, photography was always about savoring the moment. It didn't begin with a camera–it began with the first Kansas City Royals ticket stub I saved. Then it was my very first diary. Soon it was postcards and souvenirs, more ticket stubs, more diaries, and bits and pieces of life I picked up along the way...and yes, eventually a camera.

My husband Eddie and I met at Northwest Nazarene University. He's pretty cool. He likes my favorite sports teams because he loves me! We have one daughter and another baby on the way, hooray! Our cat, Mika, is the sweetest, gentlest cat you've ever met (I say that because I'm her favorite).


I'm based in Ontario, Oregon but I travel all over the Treasure Valley and beyond!