February 13, 2020

3 Reasons Why I Don’t Care for Valentine’s Day (and it’s not what you’d guess!)

You may think it’s odd that a wedding photographer wouldn’t care for Valentine’s Day. I photograph people in love on the most significant day of their lives, committing to love and serve one another till they die, how can I not like Valentine’s Day?! It has nothing to do with not liking romance or love or past relationships or being bitter that my marriage isn’t perfect or anything like that. It actually has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day at all! First of all…
Eddie and Robin taking a normal photo for once at the 2006 Valentine's banquet

Our first Valentine’s Banquet in college

1. My birthday is 6 days after Valentine’s Day.

When I was growing up I thought it was fun to have red-themed parties at school close to my birthday. Who wouldn’t love that?! But I was never the girl who wished she had a boyfriend just to have a boyfriend, so it always felt like Valentine’s Day was a precursor to my birthday and not its own thing.


2. Then Eddie’s birthday is 3 days after mine.

It’s fun to have our birthdays close together! It also means that anything we do together in February can be excused as celebrating our birthdays! This was true when we were in college and couldn’t always do something special on our actual birthdays because we had classes, but we eventually made Valentine’s Day even more redundant for us because…


3. Our anniversary is 16 days before Valentine’s Day.

We didn’t intend to have our wedding close to Valentine’s Day or our birthdays, it’s just how it worked out. Now that we have an even bigger reason for celebrations from late January to late February—our anniversary AND birthdays combined—Valentines Day seems unnecessary for us. We have a day for us, a day for me, and a day for Eddie. We’ve got our bases pretty well covered!


Do I harbor ill feelings toward the holiday? Not at all! I do think romance without commitment is unfulfilling, but I think that every day of the year! 😛  I know for most people, Valentine’s Day is another opportunity to celebrate their relationship and reminisce on their wedding vows — or anticipate making those vows — and I’m all for that! So if you need a babysitter on February 14, hit us up! We’ll probably be hanging out at home, scheming up big plans for our birthdays and anniversary! Or not, ha ha!

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